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Fall Buying Trip to Ecuador!

Our Fall buying trip to Ecuador was in mid-September and I wanted to share a little bit about our buying process as well as some photos! I love traveling down to Ecuador, but this year since I am pregnant we decided that it would be best for me to sit this one out. Instead, my mom (who always goes with me) took along one of her best friends and they did such a great job! We have relationships with some great artisans/manufacturers and they were also able to cultivate some new relationships which I am really excited about!

Ecuador Countryside

This is the third year we have traveled down to Ecuador for a buying trip, and I am happy to say that each year we come back with more and more amazing products as our demand grows. On our first trip in 2014 we started by picking out a variety of items that we thought our customers would enjoy and we bought one-offs since this was a new process and we didn't know what would sell best. We have learned a lot over the past two years and have now picked a nice variety of items to sell to at both retail and wholesale.

Our alpaca blankets are what started it all! We first started buying these blankets over 12 years ago when we would visit Ecuador to do volunteer work. Everyone loved the ones we brought back as gifts and they are the most cozy and fabulous blankets ever! They keep you toasty warm and belong on every sofa and bed in your home :)

Alpaca Blankets

Last year we started selling alpaca infinity scarves and these have been extremely popular! They are lightweight, but so soft and warm, plus they can go in the washing machine (our blankets can too). These sold out super fast last year, so we have lots this year for everyone to enjoy.

Infinity Scarves

Since the alpaca infinity scarves were such a hit last year, we have stepped up our game this year and are crazy excited to offer NEW alpaca/cashmere infinity scarves. Yup, you read that right, these scarves are an alpaca & cashmere blend made in Ecuador and they are awesome! We also have our favorite travel shawls, some super cute baby hats, and lightweight scarves this year as well!

Travel Shawls

Our buying team (and myself via facetime) tried to pick out a nice variety of items that really represent our brand and are perfect for all ages. We spent many hours over the course of a week working with our local Ecuadorian manufacturers/artisians to pick out the perfect colors, materials, and styles for each product and we can't wait to share them all with you! New items will be added to the shop next week, and we are also selling at 5 holiday markets in the Boston area this season (see our home page for more info). Make sure to follow along on Instagram for updates and more sneak peeks!


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